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Our strong capital structure allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities with superior rates of return.


Welcome to Murchison Oil & Gas.

As you browse our website, you will notice Ammolites, the rarest organic gemstones on earth. Ammolite’s precious value is created over millenniums.

My grandfather Clint Murchison Sr. was an extraordinary oilman. When the first well he drilled in the Pecos Field of Texas produced gas instead of oil, he built a pipeline to transport it to the nearby states, which led to the formation of Southern Union Gas Co. His formula for pulling together complex deals was simple. He knew any deal is right when both sides can profit from it and do business together again. We continue to conduct business in this manner.

Murchison Oil & Gas is a family owned company based on integrity and tradition. We have built a strong reputation over the years for fair dealing and honest communication. We are deeply committed to taking every measure to protect the environment and the safety of our employees.

Being a privately held corporation has provided us with several competitive advantages. We have a long-term perspective on the Company’s growth prospects and financial objectives. Our leadership is directly involved in the day-to-day management of our operations. We can act quickly to come up with unique and sophisticated solutions.

The famous petroleum geologist Wallace Pratt once said, “Oil is found in the minds of men”. The magic of our success lies in our ability to attract first class talent and stay on the cutting edge of technology. We strive to maintain a culture that fosters trust, teamwork, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We typically experience a low turnover of our employees.

Prudence and meticulous planning has always been at the heart of our decision making process. The Company has a strong financial position and a conservative capital structure that allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities with superior rates of return.

I am proud of our achievements and confident that Murchison Oil & Gas is effectively positioned to grow and continue our family tradition. Like Ammolites, the Murchison Family’s generations of experience has given us a precious value and a unique position in the oil and gas industry.


John Murchison